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We are an independent, newly founded slow-food group. Globally inspired, planet conscious and people focussed. On a journey to create a Zero Waste Slow Food Model. Our flagship store is based in Liverpool's North Docks, within one of Liverpool’s most diverse and immersive music & leisure venues - Invisible Wind Factory, home to the IWF Rollerdrome and host to some of the world's most formidable names in music.

Our newest location, Manchester's Stage & Radio -  What can we say? It’s such an honour to be part of a space steeped in history. This building has been a post gig drinking spot for the likes of Ella Fitzgerald & Buddy Rich and was once one of the most famed Jazz Clubs outside of the states, showcasing the likes of Ronnie Scott, Dexter Gordon and many more…”


With this legendary status in mind, we’ve turned it up a notch with our menu selection, getting more experimental and explorative with our small plates + sides. Refining our flavours and finessing our presentation. We invite our guests to comment, review and sculpt the future of our menus via an in-house review slip. Bridging the gap between business and customer and creating a menu of the people, in a space for the people.

Our expansion allows us to take our manifesto and truly put it to the test. Our first point of call, becoming a certified member of the new ‘Sustainably Run Project’  were-by every bill paid, plants a fruit tree that our customers can choose, track and watch flourish - helping us not only counteract our carbon footprint, but provide a boost for the economies in which they are grown. See for more details and sign up to our mailing list to be in the know about this journey we’re about to endeavour together.

Every ingredient we use, we make sure it’s utilised from top to toe, all our packaging is fully compostable and the majority of our tableware is pre-lovingly sourced. Above all else, our burgers are apparently “out of this f**king world”!. Our most heard quote being”'that's the best vegan burger I've ever had".

All this serious sh!t out the way, and we’re just here to have a good time and serve amazing food. Though you can expect impromptu jazz sets, blues singers, acoustic artists, poets and live dj’s, expect a welcome and warm atmosphere, expect smiles on faces and bellies full of food. Get involved.

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